About Us

While focusing on school at Jacksonville State University and working part time, my inner stoner kept telling me there must be a way to express my lifestyle and look good doing it.

A good friend of mine offered T-shirts as a solution, but after shopping around with local fashion brands, I felt like an outcast! Where was the stoner section? The ones I did notice either lacked creativity or just straight up weren’t up to snuff. So I decided to start my own stoner brand, a brand to represent the counter culture I live everyday.

DURBAN POISON APPAREL was born in November 2017. At Durban Poison we are never going to strive to blend in or become victims of the rat race in life, but enlighten, promote higher thinking, and unite all of our supporters in a cloud of the only poison that’s good for you.

At DURBAN POISON APPAREL we promise to promote the culture in positive light and give the highest quality materials possible for your pleasure! Welcome to the Durban Gang!